Bringing Martial Artists Together

We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. AMAA schools work together to make each other better. Click Join Us to become an affiliate.

Welcome to AMAA United.

AMAA is an up and coming business development and management services partner, offering a myriad of solutions for the new or expanding martial arts school owner. Our mission is to bring martial artists together for the unified purpose of allowing us to share benefits that are usually only offered to large corporations, all without risking the integrity of your school, thereby providing quality martial arts.

Grow your Business

Using a combined experience of 42 years with operating successful Martial Arts Schools, we can help you with Corporate Advertising, Data Tracking, Planning Curriculum, Improving Retention, and Billing. We host several seminars and our own Martial Arts Business Management Certification at our corporate office throughout the year to assist you in operating your school to meet your goals. Seminars conducted by Dr. Shane Williams, 9th Degree Black Belt and Brandon Vaughn, 6th Degree Black Belt.

Protect your Business

We have negotiated pricing with various service providers to provide you with access to affordable services: Liability Insurance, Legal Services, Accounting, Tax Preparation and Automatic Billing.

Ensure your Future

Ever wonder where to go to wrap-up  all your insurance needs? What about when you decide to retire? We’ve got you covered. We have negotiated with Health, Life and Disability Insurance providers to allow you access to affordable policies. Retirement and Wealth management is something else that needs to be considered. We are able to provide access to a 401K type program for you.

Reward your Employees

We help you reward your employees by providing access to the same benefits you get from AMAA to your employees. Encourage your employees to stay longer by meeting their needs. You will have the privilege of presenting these benefits to your employees, so you get all the credit. Insurance, Accounting, Retirement and Seminars.

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