How many times have you heard someone, or if you are honest, said it yourself, as soon as I get motivated, I am going to… [Fill in your goal here]!  I am going to lose weight, I am going to eat better, I am going to sell 10 accounts, I am going to organize my office, clean the garage, take my wife/husband out on a romantic night on the town. 

                Then what happens, motivation doesn’t come and it’s always “I am going to” or “I haven’t found the time”, “as soon as this is done”… [insert your excuse here]!  Unfortunately it is all too often that we procrastinate while waiting for motivation to fall into our laps, and the realization of our goals gets further and further from our grasp.

                Here’s the deal! I will let you in on a secret that actually everyone knows, but does not do: If you wait for motivation to strike first, it usually never happens, unless it’s almost too late.  Like, having a heart attack might make you finally decide to work out or the threat of losing clients or getting fired might actually make you organize your office or go after         accounts harder.

We know and …have seen this happen to so many people.  Now, why would we let things get that bad in order to find the motivation to change and do the things that will make our lives better?  When it’s been proven to us time and again that motivation doesn’t always come before action.  Action usually precedes motivation

                So let’s work from there.  Here’s what we are going to do.  First, write down the things that you want to accomplish when you get the motivation.  Second, schedule it in your day or week.  Next, do it.  Don’t make one excuse not to do it, get up, take the action and just do it.

                You might say, “Okay, Shane that is good advice to get started.  But then what?”. My answer- continue to just do it.  Once you discipline yourself to not accept excuses for one month it will become a habit for you, a natural state.  Occasionally you might have to remind yourself of your commitments – that is why you wrote them down.  Post your goals somewhere where you’ll see them regularly, and take some time each week to review your accomplishments.

                Motivation will follow from the positive results of the action and when motivation shows up, it’s already a routine and life has gotten better.

Motivation shows up after the action has been taken and you can see results from your efforts.

                Always remember, “Winners get things done, losers make excuses.” Find the winner in you to get things done. 


Keep On Kicking,

Shane Williams



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