Part II

“Ki Balance”

Action, results then motivation.

Ki balance is a concept I have been working on for about ten years.  Most people, do not start martial arts because they are not afraid to fight. They usually start because they are afraid to fight.  They want to know how.  Then again, many people don’t usually bring their kids in to martial arts because they want them to learn to fight.  Many times the reason is for self defense, confidence, discipline, etc.

Most of us are not athletes.  We may like to be.  Most of us have jobs, work, enjoy our families and live some part of the American dream.

What do I say to that?  I think that rocks!  I think that is the keystone of the magician life.

So then – why use this term Ki balance?  Well, because most of us wants longer life, more money, mental peace, appreciation for our work and most of us feel we are not getting it.  When we do get up the nerve or motivation or Ki drives us to go all out and work on some aspects of these things and we try, we get hit with obstacles.  When we don’t see immediate results motivation fades.  Still, the Ki remains and the nagging aching in your gut that says, ACT.

So, why don’t we, the average Americans, use Ki Balance to improve our mental, physical and spiritual lives?

How do we do that?

Let’s not set ourselves up to fail.  Let’s set ourselves up to succeed.

So, let’s start in these steps.

1.  Don’t lie to yourself


If you come to my class and I tell you that I can make you do a split and will have it done within one month, would you believe me?  Maybe, but probably not.  Why?  Because you don’t believe in your gut (ki) that it’s true.  Then when you do my assignment that will be doing a split in a month, and you don’t see the progress that you think you should, guess what.  You will quit.  And you should.  Let’s micro manage our thoughts.  Let’s tell the truth.  If you come to my class and I ask you to go into a split as far as you can and then I told you that I’d like for you to go one quarter of an inch further the next time and hold it there, do you think you could?  Yes.  And guess what?  You can!  Why, because it’s true and you believe it.  Your mind will work with your body.  You will do better than you can possibly imagine.  And the truth is, if you continue this for several months and with the stretching discipline and exercises that are too long and detailed for me to put in this article, you will run out of quarter inches and before you know it , you are on the ground in a split.



So, rule number one in Ki Balance.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Do focus on losing 20 pounds.  Focus on loosing 1.  Don’t focus on becoming a million aired.  Focus on 5% increase in your bottom line in a truthful and reasonable amount of time.

Using this type of martial science is what will bring you to larger goals.  More importantly, it will keep ki in focus and motivation in place.

Let’s use this example.  Several years ago, a parent brought in one of my students who usually do great in school.  This time in a particular subject he got a D on his report card.  The loving parent was rightfully concerned.  The rest of his grades were A’s and B’s.  The student had never gotten even a C, let alone a D on the report card.  Being the student’s martial arts instructor for several years, he was naturally worried about my disappointment in him.  The parent asked me to talk to the student.  With the parent present, I first worked out all the reasonable questions?  Is the subject too hard?  Do you understand the subject?  Is the teacher being fair?  When during the day do you take this class?  And so on.  The thought was, the kid didn’t like the subject and was unmotivated.  So, this is what I did.  I told him that this was not a great subject and that I did not like it either.  However, I needed it in my everyday life to do my martial arts, run my business and I had rules that no kid in my dojo could test with a D on their report card that was due to a lack of interest in the subject.  Then I asked him for this.  I said, do you think you can bring your D to a C by the time your next progress report comes out.  He said yes.  The parent shot me a look that would have killed me dead on the spot if she could have.  I asked for her patients and asked that we try it this way.  And as you can guess the progress report had a nice fat C in the subject where the D once was.  He brought it to me.  I fell over with enthusiasm.  Praising him for what he had accomplished and asked if I could make a copy of it and use it in my notes for this research.  Of course he left with pride.  And when the next report card came out, there was a nice fat B where the D and C use to be.

Why?  Because of truth.  He believed he could put the effort in to make a C.  Then he believed he could use a little more effort to make the B.  TRUTH.  Believable and easy to see the future with believable results.

A C was not an acceptable grade for me from this kid.  I know he was way too smart.  I wanted all As and Bs from him.  But I tried a different way to get him there.  And it worked.

So, this is what we are going to do as we start our venture of ki balance.

Write down a list of things you want to accomplish, they can be vague – like:   loose weight, earn more money, do a split, eat better, exercise more.

Then the next step:

 To be continued in Part III


Keep On Kicking,

Shane Williams


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