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At AMAA we believe there is truth in the maxim, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Following this belief all AMAA schools work together to make each other better. We have moved past the egocentric belief that one style or way of teaching is better than the other and adopted a philosophy akin to Bruce Lee in that no one style is superior and no one way is “the right way”. AMAA schools have realized that constantly working against each other is not only counter productive to our success as individuals, but also to the industry as a whole. We work together to market, share ideas and hold tournaments, all to bring a better brand of martial arts to our students.

To help grow their schools, AMAA school owners and staff have access to cooperate mass marketing which is impossible to do on a large scale independently without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They also have access to programs to help track their monthly statistics, rank certifications, accounting and billing services. Other services include access to low cost health, disability, liability insurance and much more.

As a united group of independently owned schools, no one instructor, school or style is put above another. For us, it is not a matter of prestige; instead it is a matter of the group supporting the individual and in return, the individual supporting the group. Our firm policy is that no negative comments should ever be said about anyone, ever, no matter what. We will treat each other as if we are all a part of the same family, because indeed we are. We all belong to the extensive and ever growing family of martial artists.

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