JUNE 4, 1991

June 4, 1991 is when Shane Williams (age 19) left the former KI branches and started his first KI school in Lewisville, NC.  He arranged to teach at an aerobics studio teaching 7 kids for just the summer. By the end of summer the program grew to 35 kids and was asked to teach until the end of the year at which time had grown to 55 students.  The decision was made to open a store front in 1992 in Lewisville and by 1993 Shane and the KI crew had build the Lewisville dojo to 230 students.  Throughout the 90’s Shane trained thousands of students, some of which are Bill Fischer, Chad Stevens, Anthony Hendricks, Keith Turpin, Mark Pettenati and many more that went on to open many schools across the triad area of NC.  Shane became director of AMAA in 2000, the same time he was inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame. Through the next decade the 00s, Ginger Gallagher and Mark Thomas joined AMAA and KI. Shane has also taught thousands of other great martial artists including Rob Joiner, Brandon Vaughn, Holly Vaughn and others who went own to run and/or own KI and other AMAA programs.  His friend the late Richard Gilliland also joined our association.  AMAA has had programs in Lewisville, Clemmons, Mocksville, Smith Grove, Mount Airy, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro, Burlington, White Cross, Statesville, King, Galax, Yadkinville, and several other cities.   AMAA now has many martial arts programs as well as other fitness programs throughout NC, Such as Section 8 MMA, ND Youth Wrestling as well as the many Karate International branches.  We boast over 500 students as a organization.  Soon we will be announcing the AMAA Zumba, Yoga and Gymnastics programs coming to several of our locations throughout the triad.  Thanks to the many of hundreds of members and leaders, past and present, who have made our organization as great as it is.  We look forward to many more great years to come.  STAY UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Monson Seminar was awesome!!!

June 6, 2012

 Many students  from all of our AMAA schools convened at AMAA school Section 8 MMA to train with Jeff “The Snowman” Monson.  Professor Chad Stevens, who owns Section 8 MMA, rolled with Monson and hosted this event.  We learned many cool techniques and Monson was very gracious and a great teacher.  To be such a big celebrity, Monsons’ attitude was great and you don’t see that often with big time celebrities.  Thanks to everyone who supported this event.

Please click here to see photo of this event.  We look forward to having more celebrity martial artists down with us in the near future. 


Grand Master Shane Williams Sparring Seminar

June 9, 2012

Many students from all the AMAA schools came to the AMAA Headquarters to learn up to date sparring strategies from Grand Master Shane Williams.  

Williams is the Head of AMAA & CEO of KI of NC.  The students had a blast and everyone learned a lot.  Grand Master Williams got beat up pretty good by some of the junior students who enjoyed sparring with him. Keep and eye out for another GM seminar next month.


The Summer AMAA invitational tournament took place today.  many competitors from around the triad competed.  Events that where held were sparring, kata, little dragons, tiny tots, youth wrestling, and grappling / jujitsu.  We had many competitors and everyone had a great time. Grand Master had to sward fight 4several tiny tot martial arts students in the padded sword event.  He lost every match.  We was beaten and forced to flea the ring several times.  Congrats to KI Lewisville for winning the KI state flag and congrats to Robert Langerfield who won the Grand Master Gilliland award!  Also congrats to Section Eight MMA for providing the jujitsu tournament and North Davidson Youth Wrestling Club for providing the wrestling tournament.   Click here to see who competed and who won what at the tournament.  Our next AMAA tournament is Saturday, October 6, 2012.  IT will be held at The Jerry Long Shore Clemmons YMCA.  Thanks to all that competed.  We are looking forward to the next competition in October.


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