Martial Arts Experience

  • 7th dan Sanshinkai Karate
  • Training with Karate International since February 1994
  • Achieved Sanshinkai Black belt in 1996
  • Owner Karate International of Clemmons
  • Started martial training in 1973 Judo and Karate
  • Have had the privilege of expanding my knowledge with a number of Masters primarily in traditional Okinawan and Japanese based systems, both empty hand and traditional weapons.
  • Hold 3rd degree Black belt in Goju Shorei Weapons under Soke Dave McNeill
  • 1997 Black Belt of the Year Award and 2003 AMAA Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year


  • Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University and MBA from University of North Carolina

Other Facts and Information

  • Worked in Sales and Mgmt for several Fortune 500 companies as well as starting and owning several businesses
  • Currently Business Manager, TAXaco, Quality Tax Service of NC, Inc.
  • Licensed private pilot and Harley Davidson fan

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