Owner of Flip Flop & Fly Gymnastics, Yadkinville, NC
I have taught gymnastics for 32 years, and have several years of coaching experience.
My mom was a gymnastics coach, and I started working with her at the age of 12. The first time we worked together, I was assisting her through the Marietta, GA Parks & Recreation. When the Director was observing, he thought I was much older, and wanted to hire me for more hours, but I couldn’t, because I wasn’t allowed to get paid, that would have ruined my amateur status for gymnastics, or any other sport. The rules have changed since then. I did compete for several years. My old coach helped previous Olympian Kathy Johnson, and was the Vault coach for the Lady GA Bulldogs. I was an avid Bowler and won State All Events in 1980 in Georgia. We won City doubles in 1982.
I did pursue acting for many years, and was an LA Raiderette in 1986. I moved back to GA and had a screen credit in a movie “Something Special,” and was a stand-in for many movies and the series “In the Heat of the Night,” where I also had a walk-on in several episodes as the waitress in the Magnolia Cafe. I was cast as a principal dancer in the 2011 GE Commercial “Line Dance.” I still dabble in that from time to time, if I fit the character breakdown. I opened Flip-Flop & Fly Gymnastics in 2007. When I opened the doors, I anticipated more preschool classes than K-12, and that is what I was geared for because, I love working with the little children. Preschool didn’t take off as much as I thought it would, but I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the school aged kids, and watching their progress. The main thing I want each child to take with them when they leave Flip-Flop & Fly, is confidence, and believing they can do anything, if they work hard at it. Dreams can come true, if you believe in yourself. I am married and have a 16 year-old son, and a 6 year-old daughter. Both are very talented at gymnastics. My son is an artist in music, and acting, and my daughter is in Taekwondo, and competitive dance.

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