Congratulations to the following AMAA members who earned a a very high rank in martial arts at our AMAA schools.  We are proud of you guys.  Thanks for being AMAA members.

Dustin  AMAA member Dustin Pettenati of Karate International of Lewisville tested and earned his 5th Degree Black.

For his physical feat he stood on sharp glass and his father Master Mark "Doc" Pettenati broke boards on various limbs.

With a final blow by Grand Master Shane Williams.


AMAA member/school owner Master Brandon Vaughn of Karate International of Elkin / Jonesville tested and earned his 6th Degree Black

For Master Vaughn's demo he performed a kata called Unsu that required an extreme jumping ability.

Hand to hand combat with an uke Miss Robinson


Finishing up with weapons combat.

Master Vaughn doing some speed breaking. Using those fast feet of his.

AMAA member Master Mark “Doc” Pettenati tested and earned his 6th Degree Black belts. Teaches Little Dragons at Karate International of Lewisville

Master Pettenati demonstrates some seated self defense techniques. He uses his cane here.

Shoulder toss from a seated position.

Master Pettenati stands to finish off the attackers.

Master Pettenati prepares to deliver the final strike to end the attack.

AMAA member Master Mark Thomas

tested and earned his  8th Degree Black Belt. Captain of the Karate International Competition Team.

Master Thomas performing the kata Saiuchin

Master Thomas performing weapons kata Bow 7.

Master Thomas demonstrating the use of Aikido in self defense.

Master Thomas is the last man standing.

AMAA holds the Karate International Organizational spring test twice a year which includes all the AMAA – Karate International branches around the triad.  The students test together and show their great skills in martial arts.  There were over 140 students that tested together and over 400 spectators.  Congratulations to all the students who earned their next rank.

You can see a listing of the AMAA students and their new rank from this event by clicking here or use our search field and type the students name.

AMAA / Karate International - Annual Spring test May 2012

Congratulations to KI Karate Kids of Advance & Master Keith Turpin

Master Turpin has opened a new dojo in Advance.  Master Turpin also owns KI Karate Kids in Arcadia and Karate International of Clemmons as well as being a top ranking official of AMAA.  Both of which are AMAA school and now has sign KI Karate Kids of Advance with AMAA making it another great program to network all of our schools and programs together.  Welcome aboard!

Advance NC location KI Karate Kids

Location:  In Flight Gymnastics on Hwy 158 2miles west of Rte 801

Classes 6pm to 7:15 Mondays

Martial system: American Karate

Instructors:  Master Keith Turpin and Sensei Ben Turpin

For Information call:  336-766-1490


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