Philip Kennedy- Owner of Karate International of Midway/1st Degree Black Belt
Philip spends his days operating his lawn care business Kennedy Landscape while spending his evenings managing Karate International of Midway.  He

first became a part of AMAA and Karate International in 2005 when his son, Lane Kennedy, began training with Sensei Joshua Coyne @ KI Wallburg, His son spent many months asking him to train with him and months later he finally gave in.Once he bagan classes he saw the many benefits of martial arts. He saw his  son grow from this quiet, keep to himself child into this outgoing leader . This  is when he knew that he wanted to become a bigger part of Karate International.   In 2008, he opened Karate International of Midway. What started as new school with only his his son as a student,has now grown  to over 60 students with  multiple student black belts.

  Philip would like to thank the many people who helped him along the way and who continue to help grow KI Midway. Special thanks to Sensei Tom Phillips and his daughter Kat Phillips along with Katrina Rose who continue to help us be a great place to train.

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